Mizoram State Lottery Today Result 4PM

Mizoram State Lottery: Mizoram State Lotteries today result at 4 pm. Mizoram State Lotteries publishing on a daily draw published 0n www.mizoramlotteries.com. Mizoram State Lotteries today evening result will be declared at 4:00 pm on Mizoram State Lotteries. Mizoram State Lotteries old Results are also available those timings are 4 pm Result gazette update on every day.

Mizoram State Lottery Today Result

Daily Mizoram State Lotteries Results in we publish and here you can check PDF and DBF files. Please check the results with relevant Official Government Gazette or else you will be desalinated after when you get to know the original gazette.

Mizoram State Lottery Today Result 4:00 PM DBF

Mizoram State Lottery Today Result 4:00 PM PDF

 What are state lotteries?

A sport of risk operated via state authorities.

Usually, a lottery gives a person the chance to win a prize in exchange for something of a lesser cost. Maximum lotteries provide a huge coins prize, and the hazard to win the coins prize is usually available for one dollar. Due to the fact, the great diversity of human beings Mizoram state Lottery commonly exceeds the range of dollars paid out, and the lottery ensures earnings for the sponsoring state.

More than thirty states have state-run lotteries. Those lotteries are administered via state dealers and businesses, such as a director of the state lottery and a state lottery board. State legislatures create lotteries and lottery groups in statutes. These statutes specify details of the sport, consisting of the length of time a winner has to claim a prize after the applicable drawing. Then the documentation a winner must present to claim a prize, the manner of charge of the prize, and tactics in case a prize is received by way of an agency or other legal entity.

Prizes in Mizoram state Lottery Result

Ticket name is vigour, and additionally another ticket name is which price also Rs.2/- inside the both schemes’ every deliberating 6 Prizes in that 5th prize ought to be Rs.5 lakhs, 5th prize should be Rs.12, 500/- 12th Prize should be Rs.12000/-, Twelfth Prize Rs.500/-, 12th Prize Rs.500/- and in the end twelfth Prize only Rs.2/-. Mizoram state dear Ostrich 35th Draw Held Sambad Lotteries has 35th attracts every day starting from 5:00 to 12.50. The 5:00 5th Draw was the premium ticket. It is not a clear task to categories each and every ticket and its prize.

First Prize:           Rs. 12,000/-        Rs. 12,000/-

Second Prize:        Rs. 12,500/-        Rs. 12,500/-

Third Prize:           Rs. 12,000/-        Rs. 12,000/-

Fourth Prize:          Rs. 500/-              Rs. 500/-

Fifth Prize:             Rs. 500/-              Rs. 500/-

Sixth Prize            Rs. 200/-               Rs. 200/-

Maximum Ticket Printed: Rs. 50 Lakh and Rs. 11 Lakh

Total Prize Amount: Rs. 65, 5, 52/- and Rs. 1, 5, 5, 52/-

Mizoram State Today’s Lottery result

The results are one by one shown for the morning draw and the evening draws. Click the below hyperlink to check Mizoram state lottery result online.


Users are trying to check the ultra-modern results can take a look at their lottery price ticket quantity inside the today lottery result page. To keep away from any confusion, do hold your lottery ticket and hold it equipped with you. While you take a look at your Mizoram state lottery end result, check the time and date imprinted on the price tag. Click on download button to download the result in the pdf layout. As a substitute, you may also download the DBF format.

Mizoram State Lottery OLD Results

For those who have missed checking the results on the same day, here is the link to test the old results.


Follow the given link and click the calendar icon. You can select the date of the draw for which you want to check the result. The daily draw results of Mizoram state lottery are declared on the very next day. For the information, you can check out the above-given link.

How to Claim Prize of Mizoram Lottery

All the draws of Mizoram lottery are held on the draw corridor of the department at Aizawl on the date and time indicated on the price tag. In case you are a lucky winner of the Mizoram lottery, you could claim the prize money with this easy procedure (above Rs. 5000).

  1. Click on right here to download the claim form
  2. Fill up the form to claim the prize money. Fill up the form with the name of the winner, full postal address, lottery ticket number, and the name of the lottery and draw date.
  3. The form needs to be enclosed with following supporting files:
  • The different prize winning ticket.
  • One photocopy of the ticket with an attestation of a Gazetted officer.
  • Three passports sized images of the winner.
  • An affidavit of ownership of the ticket from any 1st class magistrate.
  • Ship all of the above documents with a claim form to the Director, Institutional Finance & state Lottery.


  1. The prize for the amounts below Rs. 5000 may be directly claimed from the selling agent or the distributor.
  2. Prizes need to be claimed within 45 days from the draw date.

A lottery is a modern form of gaining more money in profitable and perfect manner in which many of them prefer in it. Any private celebration, firm or person isn’t allowed to behavior lottery. It is possible only with prior permission from the authorities. The lottery is unlawful in many states of India. But, Mizoram is the various states in which lottery is carried out most effectively means of the country or its appointed retailers. The nation frequently utilizes the sales generated from the lotteries for public welfare. Kerala, Sikkim, Nagaland nation lottery, Maharashtra, Goa, and Mizoram state lottery are the essential states where country-run lottery attracts are performed.

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